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– Welcome to Sheesham

Bespoke Furnishing

Toying with furniture is our thing. The wooden carvings can be tailor-made to suit your palate. We specialise in very light, medium and high pitch woodwork. We use only Sagwan wood, hence there is absolutely no compromise with the quality. Our bespoke furniture is a work of artistic luxury and sublime elegance. We believe in offering only the best to our esteemed clients. We also love to use a lot of cane, wherever possible. This adds immensely to the rustic element. To add to this, we complete the look by adding coordinated upholstery to the furnishings to make your dwelling a wholesome, connected vision

Reckon With Us

Our projects are an amalgamation of balance, rhythm and contrast, blended well with detailing, harmony and unity to create beautifully designed interiors. The fundamental element in all our prototypes are employment of Sagwan wood, crafted to perfection and upholstered with complimenting fabric to schematically lay out an assemblance of a satisfying and stunning vision. We do believe in prioritizing utmost convenience and practicality along with contemporary elegance. 

We speciate empty residences to an abode you would be eager to call your home! With open arms we welcome you to our Studio to get a feel of the detailed components we have to offer. With due consultation, understanding your requirements and likewise execution, we can either revamp your existing dwelling or build up your dream castle right from scratch.

Interior Consultancy

We truly believe that everyone has a vision of their perfect home in their minds. And we would be ecstatic to help you build one, unparalleled and unique. Sheesham would be glad to assist you from scratch to completion. Our empathetic understanding and exceptional expertise will manoeuvre you smoothly through the journey of examining the space, creating drawings and models of potential designs, bringing in the required raw material and constructing likewise, to finally executing the final output to your utmost satisfaction. Our ultimate target is to make you feel ‘at home’ at all times. After all, home is where the heart is!

At Sheesham, we believe in the holistic approach of conceptualisation, detailing, definition and finish. We seek interaction with our customers for transparency and understanding. Sheesham promises to revolutionise your flats and residences into a delightful work of art. We will coat it with sheaths of visual enchantment, bit by bit to handover your new abode – revamped, renovated and beautified.